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We're just getting started and we're growing fast

These are our 4 core values

They guide everything we do and keep us focused while we scale.

Treat people like people

This is our most important value. It means we listen, learn, and recognize each other as full human beings. Think about what another person needs and how they're feeling. In short, be kind.

Take pride in giant challenges

The rental industry is big and hard and complicated. We can only fix it by staying excited about the opportunity. Let's pitch in, push through, and get the job done.

Build for every renter

Renters are people. People of all genders, races, backgrounds, and abilities. Our own team needs to match our audience. Different perspectives help us build inclusive experiences.

Stay curious along the way

Have strong opinions, but hold them loosely. Keep that beginner's mind and embrace new ideas. We want to move forward and stay flexible without getting stuck.

Why I started Findigs

By Steve Carroll, Founder & CEO

I started Findigs to redesign the way people rent.

Housing is the world's largest asset class. And the US rental market is valued at $8 trillion. But when I looked around, I saw that the way we were renting was completely broken.

Searching and applying for a rental online was hard enough. Fake listings, fragmented searches, and unresponsive brokers. But even after finding a place, there was the painful process of actually applying and getting approved.

You've probably experienced some of the headaches yourself.

  • Filling out a different form every time.
  • Needing a co-signer, even though you can afford the rent.
  • Waiting around in limbo for weeks, then dealing with the stress of moving.

The list goes on and on. It's maddening. Not just for renters, but also for property managers, building owners, and moving companies. I knew there was an opportunity to create a more efficient marketplace.

"I wanted to redesign the way people rent."

Findigs is an all-new digital platform that makes renting faster, safer, and fairer. It's powered by an advanced underwriting engine that didn't exist until we built it.

Underwriting lets us unlock a better experience. It lets us verify income, identity, and available rental units. All without needing to email over endless PDFs of personal information.

Imagine seeing all the apartments and homes you qualify for, then choosing the one you want most. Or getting a quick decision, plus a guaranteed move-in date. Imagine a renting experience that's as simple and easy as booking a hotel room.

It's all possible with our new underwriting technology.

Renting gets a bad rap. But for many of us, renting can be the right decision. So we're going to keep building new ways to give millions of people the tools they need. With less friction and less stress. It's renting the way it should be.

Steve Carroll

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Meet our talented team

Vaibhav Mahajan

Vaibhav Mahajan

"I'm working on solving problems faced by millions of renters. What we're doing will have real, tangible benefits."

Silvia Herrera

Silvia Herrera

"It's exciting to be solving such a big problem: helping millions of renters find housing in a fair and unbiased way."

Darya Strok

Darya Strok

"As an immigrant, I know what it's like to rent with no credit history or rental history. Now I get to fix things for people like me."

Suroosh Wadia

Suroosh Wadia

"Teamwork is at the forefront of everything we do here. It's real product innovation. And it's done by every person at the company."

Liz Corrao

Liz Corrao

"We've all kind of just accepted that renting is full of frustration, unfairness, and inequity. I love that our team is changing that."

Clay Stapleford

Clay Stapleford

"For me, it's about building something that has a lasting impact on communities all around the country."