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 Resident satisfaction starts with a smooth application. Welcome renters with support from apply to approve and beyond.

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Mobile-first, made for convenience

Meet renters right where they are: more than half of Findigs applicants apply directly from their smartphones.

Clear requirements & real-time guidance

In addition to keeping requirements transparent, renters stay informed with full group status updates, responsive document uploads, and dynamic alerts.  

Document upload for tenant screening rental application.

Support at every step

Applicants can access apps in progress, status updates, FAQs, and resources anytime from their dashboard. If there’s ever a bump in the road, our team’s ready to offer quick assistance.

7 day

after-hours support chat for applicants


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How it works


Applicants are led right to Findigs

We host the application: a helpful handoff from the listing link gets users oriented.


Every step is covered in the app

From proof of income, to puppy vaccines, our team is there to confirm it’s all done.


Results come back in the dashboard

Speed in underwriting is speed for renters—we’re pros at delivering both.

Go from easy decision, to smooth transition

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Smart renting resources

From how to build credit safely, to moving day tips, renters can find guidance for every step in the process.

Link to The Findigs Pet Parent's Guide to Renting

Essential service shortcuts

Once an approval is sent, the renter dashboard helps soon-to-be-residents check the basics off their list.

Moving checklist for renters.

Termwise security deposit alternative

A helpful security deposit replacement is available directly within Findigs.

Rental tenant selects security deposit alternative.
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Renter 6

The process was easy to understand. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the application. It made me feel even more confident about my decision.

Findigs renter
Renter 5

It was great. Whenever we had a question someone always got back to us ASAP. The entire process was easy and painless. It was easy to navigate on the computer for someone who is not computer knowledgeable.

Findigs renter
Renter 4

It was easy & quick. They do ask for a lot of information but less than 24 hrs I got approved and got my keys a couple days later. So far I love this company!

Findigs renter
Renter 3

The application process was very smooth and easy, and the service was tremendous! It felt like I was appreciated, and everyone was very patient about aspects of the process that were beyond my control, like waiting on a rental verification.

Findigs renter
Renter 2

This app is the next best thing to having a realtor. When I applied I was assigned a specialist who acted as a liaison between the property owner and myself. They were available to answer all my questions and keep me on track regarding what I had submitted and what else needed to be completed.

Findigs renter
Renter 1

Applying through here is amazing. So fast and they're so communicative. They're so helpful and go above and beyond with any assistance you need. We're on the road to getting our first home & they couldn't have been more helpful. Love love love them.

Findigs renter
Frequently asked questions
How does Findigs partner with property managers?

When a property manager partners with us, applications for their properties will be hosted in Findigs. While we exist to simplify the application process for renters and property managers, the ultimate decision on who moves in is always up to the property manager.

For renters, we make it easy to submit one complete application with a transparent view of what it takes to get approved. Our platform empowers property managers to intake and review that information in a fair and systematic way, while also reducing fraud significantly through proprietary fraud detection technology.

Do applicants need to go to any third-party platforms to complete their application?

No! All verification steps—including pet screening—happen directly within the Findigs user flow. While we use third-party partners such as Stripe to help users securely verify income and ID information, each step is integrated seamlessly into the experience.

How do you protect personal information and renter data?

Findigs uses bank-level security standards to protect users. Personal information, including data sent to third-party verification partners like Stripe, is fully encrypted.

Do you offer live support for applicants?

Findigs agents are available to assist applicants from 9am to 1:30am EST. They can also access the Help Center anytime to find fast answers. In some cases, automated chat assistance may also help to resolve applicant questions.

How are applicants notified through the application process?

Findigs notifies applicants through the application process on behalf of the property manager. This means we'll take care of every email notification: from sending invites to co-applicants and guarantors, to the final decision notification, and everything in between.

Each application has its own unique chat accessible to property managers, so your team can speak with applicants and receive document uploads directly. When applicants receive a chat in Findigs, an SMS message will alert them that a new message is available to view in their renter dashboard.

Property managers using DecisionAssist can leave be sure to every bit of applicant communication to the Findigs team.

What is the renter dashboard and how do applicants access it?

The renter dashboard is a home base for renters: this is where all applications—active, past, and in-progress—live. Renters can find application details, view unit information and approval requirements, and complete actions like adding new pets or co-applicants.

To access the dashboard, applicants can sign into their Findigs account, or route directly into their account via any "apply" link hosted by Findigs on your behalf.

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