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Falsifications are on the rise—with Findigs, fraud’s not a problem. Our advanced detection tech works to remove critical points of vulnerability.

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Fraud methods are moving fast

AI tools have made fraud harder to spot, and social media’s spreading the word on tricker methods. Every day, genuine renters lose out to stolen, edited, and synthetic identities.


of operators reported fraud in the last 12 months*


saw increased fraud in the last 12 months*


average cost of bad debt per operator*

*Source: National Multi-family Housing Council Pulse Survey, January 2024

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Stay ahead with signals in sync

Findigs cross-references app data to reveal deeper insights. Protect against growing threats with advanced tech that evolves in real time.

The fraud barrier built for renting behaviors

When stolen IDs can be purchased online, basic selfie checks won’t cut it. Findigs was made to identify all of these common forms of rental fraud.

More on identity verification

Verify data integrity

Be sure applicants haven’t omitted or misrepresented crucial information, like their current employer details.

Income input for rental application.

Validate ID ownership

Sure, the SSN or ID info belongs to a real person—but is that the person applying? Get equipped to spot stolen data easily.

SSN input fraud alert.

Confirm they exist

It’s easier than ever to fabricate identity information. Expose fake IDs, purchased SSNs, credit aliases and more effortlessly.

Fraud detection for tenant screening identity verification.

Trust their uploads

Get alerted to signs of digital altering or online creation: native document analysis flags fraud indicators in PDFs.

Document analysis report for tenant screening.
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Verify & decide with certainty


Auto-analysis runs under the surface

The result: an easy way through for authentic renters, and no easy way out for those looking to trick the system.


Apps arrive thoroughly validated

Complete data is delivered to you, with income and identity checks done, and reports available to view.


Decisions flow seamlessly

Speed through approvals with assistance, or keep your team at the helm. Either way, fraud’s off your radar.

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Excalibur Homes

Automatic document analysis has provided our team with more security and confidence in detecting fraudulent applications.

Imagine Homes

Findigs has been an absolute game-changer. Our application processing times have plummeted by nearly 70%, delinquency rates have declined by over 55% to all-time lows.


We tested Findigs against other systems and found a 9x improvement in evictions.

Put your current app experience to the test

If you’re not using Findigs, you could be vulnerable to fraud. See how Findigs keeps property managers protected.

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Frequently asked questions
Are applicants required to connect their bank accounts?

No. Applicants are encouraged to securely link their bank or payroll, as this eliminates the need for manual verification and prevents human error or bias from impacting review. However, manual document upload is available as an alternative for any applicant who is unable or unwilling to link securely to a financial institution. Our document validation and document analysis engine were built natively to help you verify income in these cases with confidence.

Do applicants need to go a third-party platform to complete identity verification?

No, ID verification is completed directly within the application experience. While we do utilize partner services to conduct the holistic verification (the use of which is disclosed to applicants), prospective residents will not need to leave their application in Findigs to complete the required identity verification steps.

Does Findigs support international IDs?

Yes, Findigs supports international ID documents. Passports, Passport cards, Driver's licenses, ID cards, Visas, and Green Cards are accepted from all countries.

What kind of ID documents does Findigs support?

Findigs identity verification supports a broad range of government-issued ID types, including: Passports, IDs, Passport cards, Driver's licenses, Green Cards, and Visas from all countries. Work permits from the US are accepted, along with asylum documents and some tribal IDs. Military IDs are not accepted.

What happens if an applicant uploads a blurry photo of their ID?

If the system cannot process the applicant's ID photo for any reason, they will be prompted in real-time to re-upload a viable ID photo.

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