Identity verification

Know exactly who’s applying—and who really isn’t.

Identity fraud is getting easier to commit, and harder to catch. Learn how our bespoke model goes deeper to verify real identities easily, and reveal fake ones fast.

An ID scan for tenant screening verification.
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No-download verification
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ID and selfie check
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Mobile-first experience
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Behavioral analysis
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Broad document support
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Multi-point scan

One unified system sees behind the screen

Device verification

Using 2FA, Face ID, and PassKeys, we’re able to catch burner phones and VOIP numbers.

Device-level data

The registered phone number is validated to ensure the 2FA code hasn’t been intercepted.

Public bureau data

Applicant info is securely cross-referenced in real time.

Biometric match

Applicants provide a quick selfie—biometrics validate the photo against their ID.

ID reading

Barcode and document text are scanned to confirm the ID is valid and unmodified.

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Full-spectrum protection

Authenticate renter identities, for real

Other IDV solutions claim effectiveness, but don’t cover the full range of fraud methods emerging with digital advances and AI. It’s time to fight fire with Findigs.

Comprehensive reporting

ID flags emerge in seconds—reports go even deeper

Underwrite on a trusted ID foundation, backed by our multi-factor model. Data merges under the surface for a screening smarter than the sum of its parts.

Flags detected in tenant screening identity verification.

Outpace modern identity fraud

It’s already become too easy to buy fake SSNs or generate paystubs with AI. Our fraud barrier’s built for renting-specific cases, and regularly updated to preempt new fraud tactics.

All within a seamless renter experience

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Imagine Homes

Findigs has been an absolute game-changer. Our application processing times have plummeted by nearly 70%, delinquency rates have declined by over 55% to all-time lows.


We tested Findigs against other systems and found a 9x improvement in evictions.

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We have been pleased with our relationship with Findigs. With Findigs we can provide a level of service that we could not provide with our old solution. The application process has also provided a clearer picture of the resident we are approving.

Frequently asked questions
Do applicants need to go a third-party platform to complete identity verification?

No, ID verification is completed directly within the application experience. While we do utilize partner services to conduct the holistic verification (the use of which is disclosed to applicants), prospective residents will not need to leave their application in Findigs to complete the required identity verification steps.

Does Findigs support international IDs?

Yes, Findigs supports international ID documents. Passports, Passport cards, Driver's licenses, ID cards, Visas, and Green Cards are accepted from all countries.

What kind of ID documents does Findigs support?

Findigs identity verification supports a broad range of government-issued ID types, including: Passports, IDs, Passport cards, Driver's licenses, Green Cards, and Visas from all countries. Work permits from the US are accepted, along with asylum documents and some tribal IDs. Military IDs are not accepted.

What happens if an applicant uploads a blurry photo of their ID?

If the system cannot process the applicant's ID photo for any reason, they will be prompted in real-time to re-upload a viable ID photo.

What happens if an applicant uploads a non-supported document type to verify their identity?

Findigs processes thorough analysis for a wide range of ID types (see above). If an applicant uploads a non-supported document type, they'll be prompted to re-upload a supported ID type. If the applicant does not have a supported ID type available, they'll be directed to a manual upload process.

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