Pet verification

Make pet-friendly user-friendly with Findigs screening

Welcome residents and their animals in one seamless review: pet and ESA document verification is fully-integrated in Findigs.

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Embedded in application
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Service animal registration
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Complete ESA screening
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ADA & HUD standards
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Consolidated review

Set your pet policies—we’ll fetch the rest

Book a demo
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Full-service review

Quit chasing stray documents & details

Our trained specialists handle every detail and follow-up, including ESA document verification and service animal registration by FHA & HUD guidelines.


Accept people and pets in one review

Every step sits in the rental application, and results stay right in your dashboard. No third-party apps—no distractions or delays.

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How it works


Share your policy

We’ll make your restrictions clear throughout the application, with helpful alerts along the way.


We’ll cover every detail

No follow-ups necessary: our team conducts comprehensive screening for every animal in the household.


View results in one place

Verification results appear alongside applicant information, and flow directly to your PMS.

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By the numbers

In 2023, we registered over 30K animals, providing total coverage for pets, service animals, and ESAs. Pet verification decisions are returned in 1 hour, and ESA documents are verified by our team within 1 day on average.*

*300K app sample from Jan ‘23 - Feb ‘24. One hour pet decision reflects median processing time.

Leave it to the screening experts

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Enforce rules effortlessly

We ensure applicants are informed about your specific restrictions, and help you collect pet fees appropriately.

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Add new pets at any point

New pup? No problem. Your residents can verify animals through Findigs at any time during their lease.

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Keep it all on record

From vet details to vax records, we’ll keep what you need on file, including a policy agreement for applicants who don’t report pets.

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Frequently asked questions
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