Document analysis

Fortify income review with native document analysis

Documents go under the microscope automatically in Findigs. AI-powered analysis exposes signs of potential fraud in seconds.

Automatic document fraud scan.
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All major banks supported
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Fully integrated analysis
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In-line review
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Automatic type validation
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Comprehensive PDF scan

An integrated engine to detect the unexpected

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Document verification for tenant screening.
Proprietary analysis engine

See the invisible, instantly

Every PDF bank statement and paystub is analyzed for signs of inauthenticity: fraud indicators are exposed as soon as they hit the dashboard.

Intuitive review

View in-line results & 
in-depth reports

Analysis details are displayed in a simple report, along with helpful tips to keep reviewers moving quickly and confidently.

Document analysis report for tenant screening.

Income uploads, up-leveled

Custom configuration, AI validation, and our proprietary analysis engine combine to deliver fully-integrated document sophistication.


Our engine supports auto-analysis for documents from the 12 largest U.S. banks.


documents have been scanned and analyzed by our engine to date

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Excalibur Homes

Automatic document analysis has provided our team with more security and confidence in detecting fraudulent applications.

Imagine Homes

Findigs has been an absolute game-changer. Our application processing times have plummeted by nearly 70%, delinquency rates have declined by over 55% to all-time lows.


We tested Findigs against other systems and found a 9x improvement in evictions.

Coldwell Banker Lubbock

We have been pleased with our relationship with Findigs. With Findigs we can provide a level of service that we could not provide with our old solution. The application process has also provided a clearer picture of the resident we are approving.

Frequently asked questions
Are applicants required to connect their bank accounts?

No. Applicants are encouraged to securely link their bank or payroll, as this eliminates the need for manual verification and prevents human error or bias from impacting review. However, manual document upload is available as an alternative for any applicant who is unable or unwilling to link securely to a financial institution. Our document validation and document analysis engine were built natively to help you verify income in these cases with confidence.

How do you ensure applicants upload the required documents?

We've built document validation into the Findigs experience to help applicants upload the correct documents, the first time around.

We automatically validate document type, while checking each upload against your requirements. For example, if an applicant accidentally shared a bank statement when you require a paystub, they'll be prompted to re-upload a paystub.

What if an applicant cannot provide a required document?

After multiple re-upload prompts, if an applicant does not have the correct document available, they are given space to justify the missing document. This information is delivered back to the review team, and next steps can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Customers using DecisionAssist won't ever need to worry about chasing down documents—the Findigs DA team will handle every step necessary to ensure all requirements are fulfilled.

How do I set document upload requirements? Can I customize these document requirements?

Document upload requirements can be set in Findigs. These can be changed anytime by a member of your team using the "Configurations" tab in your dashboard

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