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Leave manual review behind. Let DecisionAssist lead the way.

Meet full-service screening, powered by automation. Findigs end-to-end decision guidance means never having to review rental applications again.

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Centralized underwriting
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Human & automation hybrid
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End-to-end oversight
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Configured to your rulesets

Approval-ready renters at remarkable speeds

True automation, supported by AI analysis and our in-house specialists, unlocks unmatched rigor and efficiency.

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By the numbers

DecisionAssist delivers same-day guidance on average: processing 25% of apps in under an hour, and 10% within one minute.*

*3K applications sampled from Jan ‘24-March ‘24

Take back review time

Automation runs rigorous evaluation at scale, so the team can escape endless tenant screening and amplify person-to-person impact.

Optimize resources

Scale up or down effortlessly: DA calibrates to your precise needs.

Enhance customer service

While we manage application completion, you can focus on supporting renters in person.

Focus on growth

Set the team on demand generation & fuel your newly accelerated approval pipeline.  

Our dedicated team leaves no loose ends

Application completeness is managed entirely by Findigs: if automation doesn’t get to the answer, our specialists are there to see things through.

Property manager hands keys to renter via digital application.
Approval guidance for rental underwriting.

How we work


Define your rules with us

We’ll help ensure approval requirements are set up for easy orchestration.


DecisionAssist fits end-to-end

Flip the switch, and DA starts around-the-clock review with a uniform procedure & robust audit trail.


Results show up where you want them

Receive clear approve/deny guidance. If any manual steps are necessary, our team’s on it.

Your first line of renter assistance

While automated chats keep applicants on track, agents are available long after business hours. Our system’s well-suited to do right by renters on your behalf.  

15 min

review time for info added by applicant after submission*


languages supported in chat

20 hours

average decision turnaround time for applicants*

*3K applications sampled from Jan ‘24-March ‘24, 15 minute processing time reflects daytime support estimate.

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We estimate there are now 15,000 to 25,000 man-hours we can focus elsewhere.

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We’ve been able to re-deploy staff to other areas of our business without additional overhead.

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GPM Properties

I'm relieved I don't have to spend time chasing down documents now.

Director of Real Estate Services

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Frequently asked questions

How does DecisionAssist work?

Findigs DecisionAssist is a streamlined, service-based approach to screening with Findigs. We’ve combined Findigs all-in-one tooling, with a team of dedicated specialists, to bring you remarkably fast, consistent decision guidance, tuned to your precise requirements.

How long does it take to receive decision guidance?

DecisionAssist result turnaround time varies based on your requirements. On average, decisions can be made in under 24 hours. In many cases, DecisionAssist provides instant decision guidance (3K app sample, Jan '24-March '24).

Who communicates with the applicants after they have submitted a rental application?

Complete application management is standard with DecisionAssist—that means we'll handle all applicant communications and post-submission steps to reach final decision guidance for every application. Your team will no longer need to chase down documents or gather additional information. We've got it covered.

What happens if someone is declined through DecisionAssist?

Findigs will automate all necessary steps to decline an application, including sending adverse action letters and following remediation paths where appropriate. Any denial that occurs will be based on your defined ruleset.

Are screening criteria customizable per property?

Yes. Approval requirements can be customized at the market or portfolio level.

What happens if DecisionAssist catches fraud on an application?

DecisionAssist uses Findigs' best-in-class fraud detection system. When manual review is needed, our specialists step in to assess the validity of application information and documents.

How do we start using DecisionAssist?

To get started, you'll define clear approval requirements with the Findigs team. We can provide as much partnership in this process as you'd like, including edge case handing recommendations based on our best practices. Once your ruleset is complete, you can turn over the keys to DecisionAssist, and stop reviewing applications altogether.

Does my team need to use a different platform to make leasing decisions?

No! DecisionAssist will push all applicant data and decision guidance to wherever you need it.

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