Standardize screening once and for all

Keep every rule under one roof, and standardize precise decision-making. Multifamily operators centralize renter screening easily in Findigs.

Arms sticking out of windows sign a rental lease.

 Manage and meet demand everywhere

Purpose-built rental underwriting tools let you optimize leasing efficiency with industry-leading risk reduction.

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Easily track market insights

Self-serve analytics keep you updated on demand signals, and ahead of trends beyond your portfolio.

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Customize rulesets across all portfolios

Set requirements on a portfolio basis, and expand operations easily. Managing diverse assets has never been simpler.

List of configured requirements for rental application.

Seize every cross-sell opportunity

Approve applicants up to a dollar amount, and seamlessly transfer applicants to other units in your portfolio.

Options for property manager application and leasing actions.

Keep compliance simple at scale

Consistency is key

From clear-cut rules, to an inclusive app, we strive to standardize beyond FHA.

End-to-end transparency

Steps and support chats stay visible: we show our work so you can protect yours.

ADA & HUD guidelines

Support animals (ESAs) are verified per regulation by our 
in-house team.

A log of activity for tenant screening and underwriting.

Stay audit-ready automatically

A comprehensive activity log kept in Findigs lets you maximize decision defensibility without a second thought.

Meet Findigs screening

The most intuitive rental application

Give everyone a simple way to prove their financial readiness. Our smart application is built to support renters.

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A phone screen shows a rental application.

Specialized identity verification

Protect against fake info and ID theft: the Findigs bespoke verification model was built to keep up with a shifting fraud landscape.

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Fraud signals detected in rental application ID verification.

Full-spectrum income accuracy

Accept and analyze all income types, not just traditional ones. If a prospect opts to share docs, Findigs built-in analysis swoops in for security.

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Bank linking for rental income verification.

Enriched consumer data

Multi-source public record checks fortify consumer data before it’s shared to partners, removing unnecessary noise for a more precise verification.

Identity verification with multiple data checks.

Integrated pet and animal verification

Keep pets, assistance animals, and applicants in one streamlined review. We’ll do the work to screen all non-human roomies.

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Steps of tenant screening rental application.

A decision rules engine to rely on

View recommendations based on your custom rulesets. Defined requirements are made clear to applicants, too.

Configured document requirements for rental app.
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We estimate there are now 15,000 to 25,000 man-hours we can focus elsewhere [with DecisionAssist].

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Stay hands-on, or level-up with managed automation.

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All-in-one screening tooling

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Full-service screening by Findigs


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