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Evernest: Double the screenings, half the time

Published on
December 18, 2023
May 9, 2024
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Findigs Team
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For property managers at Evernest, income verification was once the toughest part of the job. With Findigs, property managers are filling units at double-speed.

Manual screening: a growing obstacle

Property management company Evernest oversees more than 12,000 single-family and small multi-family units in the US. In 2020, leasing teams at Evernest were receiving hundreds of new applications per day, and processing each one manually. The company was looking to drastically grow its unit volume by year's end, but with a three-day turnaround time for approvals, Evernest would only fill vacancies as fast as it could screen new tenants.

At the same time, pandemic-related economic pressures, coupled with new document altering methods, sent fraud numbers soaring across the country: according to the Federal Trade Commission, reports of fraud, identity theft, and other deceptive behavior increased 67% between 2019 and 2021.

With a growing backlog, and fraud on the rise, Evernest would need a faster, more accurate, and airtight verification process in order to scale.

Hello, Findigs

Evernest partnered with Findigs to implement a workflow that could stop fraud in its tracks, and help leasing teams move approvals faster.

Verification: from hours to minutes

Using the Findigs application, anyone applying to an Evernest property can prove their income in seconds. In most cases, applicants are able to skip document uploads altogether, saving time and frustration while keeping their sensitive data secure.

In turn, teams at Evernest no longer need to request income documents from each applicant, nor spend hours making sure those documents are legitimate. Instead, they have access to verified income insights right away. If documents are ever needed, we provide applicants with a seamless and accurate document upload experience.

Embedded identity verification also ensures each applicant is who they say they are, thanks to AI-backed ID scanning, selfie match, and identity info cross-referencing. Teams that were once spending time tracking down applicants and questioning blurry ID photos can now skip manual ID checks, and have full confidence in the info in front of them.

An upgraded PM experience

For the first time, Evernest leasing teams have all the insights they need to make a decision in one secure, digital location. The Findigs application dashboard shares relevant info at-a-glance, and helps teams manage their workflow with intuitive steps and status updates. Configurable analytics give underwriters a simple assessment of applicant info relative to qualifications; they can even view co-applicant information on aggregate before digging deeper into individual applications.

The streamlined dashboard only shows complete application submissions, so no time is spent on prospects with missing requirements. Instead, we nudge applicants so Evernest employees don't have to. With simple onboarding and seamless PMS integration, team members were able to get right to work in the new system—today, they're processing three applications in the time it took to process one by hand.

Better decision-making

Previously, the only way for Evernest to uphold its high thoroughness standards was to process applications manually. Team members can now view a simple breakdown of applicant insights to make a fast, fair decision. By only presenting verified information, Findigs stops fraud at the source, and helps the team cut down on error-prone judgement calls. Our platform also goes above and beyond standard FHA requirements by design, so approval decisions are made with efficient and equitable use of information, and total compliance is effortless.

The overall efficiency improvements we've gotten without sacrificing accuracy or thoroughness may actually be the most impactful to our business.
Matthew Whitaker
CEO, Evernest

With its fully digital application for renters, and faster insights for the leasing team, Evernest's backlog is nearly non-existent. Applicants are feeling the love too, with higher security standards and 24/7 Findigs support. Prior to our partnership, Evernest was unsure how it would scale leasing operations to support longer term growth. Thanks to a major efficiency upgrade, and powerful fraud-reduction with Findigs, Evernest is ready to boost their unit volume with confidence.

What we did, and what we can do for you

  1. Save time: A collection of time-saving tools within the Findigs platform cut hours of busywork out of leasing teams' schedules.
  2. Prevent fraud: Evernest drastically improved their verification accuracy to defend against the growing incidence of fraud.
  3. Unlock growth: With its new workflow in place, Evernest can continue on its path acquiring tens of thousands of new units, and rest easy knowing that leasing scales with them.

Property managers across the country are setting new efficiency standards and eliminating fraud with Findigs.

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