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New to Findigs: enhanced uploads, cutting-edge fraud defenses, and seamless pet verification

Published on
April 27, 2023
May 7, 2024
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Findigs Team
Product updates
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As we gear up for the start of peak rental season, the team at Findigs is thrilled to unveil some of our most impactful product updates to date. We're pushing the platform's capabilities beyond just tenant screening, and zeroing in on two of the most friction-prone areas of the PM workflow: documents and pets.

Uploads, up-leveled

All the documents you need, right away with a smarter experience for document uploads.

Enhanced document collection was released early this year, improving income verification for applicants who choose not to link their bank or payroll. Specific document requirements can now be customized by property managers, clarified to applicants, and fully-completed upon submission.

With new configurability, PMs are able to define the exact documents they need based on applicants' employment types, while we implement stronger-than-ever guardrails to make sure everything is uploaded properly. If a required document cannot be uploaded, applicants are now required to provide reasoning before moving forward.

Power to see the invisible, instantly.

Automatic document analysis, powered by our proprietary engine.

A reviewer's capacity to catch fraudulent documents quickly and confidently equates to higher efficiency, lower stress, and a healthier bottom line. Gathering all the right documents is critical for a smooth review, but that's just the beginning—next comes the need for expert fraud-detection. This year, we're launching brand new technology to instantly boost every team's review capabilities.

The Findigs Document Analysis Engine scans every bank statement and PDF uploaded for signs of digital tampering, and other invisible indicators of potential fraud. Analysis details are displayed in a simple report, along with helpful tips to keep reviewers moving. The engine can also aid in training efforts, accelerating the pace at which new team members take on more responsibility.

Automatic document analysis has given our team more security and confidence in detecting fraudulent applications.
Mimi Johnson
Applications Manager, Excalibur Homes

We're thrilled with the results we've already seen from the PMC community. Automatic document analysis doesn't just help prevent fraud—it gives individuals the assurance they need to make stress-free decisions.

Findigs pet verification

Seamless screening coverage for all household pets and assistance animals.

Whether you process animal information internally or rely on third-party providers, approving pets and assistance animals can be a complicated and time-consuming process. We're excited to offer a simpler process for both property managers and applicants: with Findigs pet verification, pet-friendly is finally user-friendly.

Rather than sending applicants to a separate application or form, comprehensive pet and animal details can now be collected directly within the application experience. Interactive guardrails in the application are customized to your pet policies, so applicants know exactly what to expect.

Our internal team conducts ADA compliant verification for every household pet, service animal, and support animal (ESA), all within 48 hours of document upload. Every detail that your team needs—from the verification decision, to vaccination details and ESA documents—are displayed right alongside application information.

The latest updates from Findigs are aimed at creating a simpler path to approval for every renter—so whether your next thousand applicants are dog owners, doc uploaders, or a combination of the two, we're here to make sure fast, fair decisions come easier than ever before.

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