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Pet-friendly is now user-friendly: a closer look at Findigs pet verification

Published on
October 25, 2023
April 30, 2024
Written by
Findigs Team
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Two phone screens show pet screening application steps.

For nearly 70% of renters, pets are a part of the family. A pet-friendly policy helps welcome the broadest possible pool of residents, but screening every pet and assistance animal is no walk in the park—until now.

Resident and pet screening, under one roof

With Findigs pet verification, all household pets, support animals, and service animals can be approved with applicants in one integrated review. Applicants will submit all the pet and animal information you need directly through Findigs: no third-party services or manual follow-ups necessary. Every detail is reviewed by our team to determine whether the applicant’s animal adheres to your restrictions. Valid documentation is collected for all emotional support and service animals, with ADA-compliant verification returned in 48 hours or less.

The best rental application for animal lovers

Too often, pet owners applying to rent are left hanging: sent out of their apps to other applications, or in many cases, surprised when a pet screening ends poorly. To remove all of that pet-related friction for renters, Findigs provides clarity on all of your pet restrictions and fees up front, and adds helpful guardrails when restrictions apply to an applicant’s animal. We also make it easy to upload required documents, like pet photos and vaccination records. If we have questions about the info provided, or another document is required, our team handles all communication. The whole experience is made for mobile, so applicants can set their pet verification in motion from anywhere.

In our first six months, Findigs verified 15K pets, 3K verified support animals, and 399 service animals.

Property manager’s best friend

After all animal details and documents are assessed by Findigs, the results are distilled into one clear “Accept” or “Decline” recommendation displayed on the application dashboard.

If a pet suddenly goes missing from its owner’s application, pets can now be added to the application even while it’s in review—to make sure you have what you need no matter what. Meanwhile, applicants reporting zero animals will be asked to affirm their understanding of your animal policies before hitting submit on their application.

The best part? Getting started takes little to no training for your team. All we need are your pet rules and restrictions: either your portfolio-level policies, or unit-by-unit policies pulled from your PMS.

Care for new pet parents

Findigs can fetch every detail from incoming applicants, but what about residents who bring home a new pet mid-lease? To ensure your records stay up-to-date, pet verification is available for all residents who used Findigs to apply initially. They’ll just need to sign into their existing Findigs account to start a new pet verification—from there, they can send the animal’s details for review and approval, just like applicants do. With this capability built in, you can be sure your records and fee charges are accurate for all residents, regardless of when they add pets to the family.

Simple screening, our treat.

It’s our aim to simplify every step on the way to a decision, so we unleashed a best-in-show pet screening tool for property managers: one that’s seamless for applicants, and simple for your team. Interested in getting started? Book a demo with our team.

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