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Why I started Findigs, a letter from CEO Steve Carroll

Published on
November 17, 2022
May 7, 2024
Written by
Findigs Team
A card reads "Why I started Findigs w/ Steve Carroll Founder, CEO."

I started Findigs to redesign the way people rent.

Housing is the world's largest asset class. And the US rental market is valued at $8 trillion. But when I looked around, I saw that the way we were renting was completely broken.

Searching and applying for a rental online was hard enough. Fake listings, fragmented searches, and unresponsive brokers. But even after finding a place, there was the painful process of actually applying and getting approved.

You've probably experienced some of the headaches yourself: Filling out a different form every time, needing a co-signer even though you can afford the rent, waiting around in limbo for weeks then dealing with the stress of moving.

The list goes on and on. It's maddening. Not just for renters, but also for property managers, building owners, and moving companies. I knew there was an opportunity to drastically change the renting landscape.

Our team has created an all-new digital platform that makes renting faster, safer, and fairer. It's powered by an advanced underwriting engine that didn't exist until we built it. It lets us verify income, identity, and available rental units, all without asking applicants to email over PDFs full of sensitive info.

Precise tenant screening is the first step to a better experience. It unlocks a level of trust between property managers and renters that wasn't previously possible. Imagine seeing all the apartments and homes you qualify for, then choosing the one you want most. Or getting a quick decision, plus a guaranteed move-in date. Imagine a renting experience that's as simple and easy as booking a hotel room. By getting everyone on the same page today, we can finally make renting easier and more equitable in the long-term.

I started Findigs to redesign the way people rent.
Steve Carroll
Founder, CEO

We have a monumental challenge in front of us. There's a reason no one's solved renting yet. But our approach is the first of its kind, and our team is world-class. While products and services have historically served one side of the property manager/renter relationship—often at the expense of the other—we're going deeper to improve the lives of both.

Empathy is at the core of everything we do, but it's not enough to hire empathetic people to design and build products. We're building for every renter. We need a team that can question fairness from every perspective. Diversity is, and will continue to be, critical to our business; the only way to win is with empathy that's greater than the sum of its parts.

Renting gets a bad rap. But for many of us, renting can be the right decision. So we're going to continue building tools to move renting forward. We aren't just excited about the challenge, we're proud to be taking it on. If you're interested in joining the effort, I encourage you to apply.

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