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Rent with certainty, and block fraud systematically—all from one powerful dashboard.

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All-in-one screening
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Custom rules engine
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PMS connection
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Native doc analysis
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360° identity verification
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Instant income linking
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Integrated pet verification

Your high-efficiency
trust-building platform

Cutting-edge verification tech accelerates leasing, to unlock a better experience for everybody.

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Stay far ahead as fraud advances

Catching fake paystubs alone won’t suffice. Today’s fraud actors have access to new tools: Findigs evolves constantly to keep you protected.

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How it works


Set your rules

Define approval requirements on the portfolio level. Configurations help you cover every last detail.


See insights & flags in one place

As data flows into your dashboard, easily access full analysis and in-depth reports.


Decide right from the dash

Cruise through decisions with the help of your custom rules engine.

Breeze through underwriting with 360° applicant insight

Every renter detail, plus tools to review

A seamless application helps you receive all of your requirements; the dashboard lets you check them with confidence.

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Multiple digital renter applications in progress.

Holistic identity reporting

Verification reports reveal details from dozens of checks. See results at a glance, or dive in deep into the full analysis.

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Fraud signals detected in rental application ID verification.

Full-spectrum income accuracy

View directly validated data from bank and payroll connections, or view docs with confidence thanks to auto-analysis.

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Bank linking for rental income verification.

Enriched consumer data

We match credit, criminal, and eviction data to multiple public records before sharing to credit bureaus, in order to get back the most reliable results.

Identity verification with multiple data checks.

Integrated pet and animal verification

In-house pet screening keeps review truly seamless: see a clear decision for pets, have ESA documentation verified, and keep service animals on record.

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Steps of tenant screening rental application.

A decision rules engine to rely on

View recommendations based on your custom rulesets. Defined requirements are made clear to applicants, too.

Configured document requirements for rental app.

Set your sights high with Findigs

We’re committed to helping you reach unparalleled outcomes—here’s what current customers have said about theirs:

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Real Property Management Of The Triad

Findigs has been a fantastic update to our process. The system is easy to use for applicants and makes it very clear what information is required. This cuts down on hassle and processing time tremendously for our staff. Highly recommend streamlining your applications process with Findigs!

Imagine Homes 2

Findigs has been an absolute game-changer. Application processing times have plummeted by nearly 70%, delinquency rates have declined by over 55%, and concerns about fraudulent apps have become nearly extinct. I can confidently say it has produced one of the highest ROI of any software we've implemented in the last 2+ years.


Findigs has allowed us to cut application processing time in half. We're seeing overall efficiency improvements without sacrificing accuracy or thoroughness.

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All the advantages of Findigs precision, with none of the manual work.

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Approval guidance for rental underwriting.
Frequently asked questions
Is there anything else I need to use Findigs for my tenant screening?

Nope! Findigs keeps everything you need to screen and approve qualified applicants under one roof. That includes a streamlined all-in-one application for renters, and an intuitive software platform that optimizes review. Make your final decision in Findigs, and see the data you need back in your PMS.

Can I customize screening criteria?

Yes, property managers can tailor approval requirements and rulesets on the market or portfolio level. Custom configurations help you cover every last detail based on unique portfolio needs.

Do you offer live chat support?

Applicants and property managers can both contact Findigs live chat at any time. Agents are available seven days a week, until 1:00am EST, and non-English languages are supported through live text translation. Resources in our Help Center, along with automated chats, may be sufficient to answer user questions in many cases. Altogether, we ensure support for your applicants and team members is readily available around the clock.

Can Findigs send data to my PMS?

During onboarding, our team will work with you to make sure all the data you need appears right where you need it. Book your demo to share more about your optimal workflow: our engineers and data experts are ready to help make it a reality.

How does Findigs stay ahead of the rising application fraud?

As you've probably already noticed, changing technologies and behaviors have made trickier tactics of rental fraud more accessible than ever. Findigs is a technology company narrowly focused on tackling rental-specific forms of fraud. Our suite of products and services are evolving constantly to keep up with emerging fraud methods, while keeping authentic renters moving smoothly. You can learn more about our unique fraud protection system here.

How does the application work for my renters?

Prospective residents are handed off from your application link to Findigs, and guided through a streamlined application process built around your approval requirements. Learn more about our renter experience here.

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